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MAShES aims to develop a breakthrough compact imaging system for RT closed-loop
control of laser processing.

MAShES aims to develop a breakthrough compact imaging system for RT closed-loop control of laser processing. It will be built on a novel multispectral optics and multisensor arrangement in the VIS-MWIR spectrum. Absolute temperature, geometry, and speed, will be imaged accurately and reliably. RT process control, and cognitive readjustment and process quality diagnosis will be embedded.

Europe has significant global key players in laser production and world leaders in equipment for laser based materials processing.

This leadership in equipment production reinforces the EU position in key manufacturing sectors in which laser processing is a key technology and opens new opportunities in novel applications with great potential. Automotive and metal transforming components sectors are two clear examples of this fact and also key manufacturing sectors for EU economy.

Real Time (RT) control is a major topic in laser processing research, involving problematic combinations of process parameters, to avoid defects in highly dynamic laser processes. Imaging of thermal radiation, geometric size of melt pool (in laser cladding) or keyhole (in laser welding), and dynamic surface texture are all accepted as major magnitudes of interest to feed both monitoring and RT control systems.

A solution providing image-based measurements of the real value of temperature is still missing, since temperature measurement of most sensors depend on material emissivity. Therefore, the evaluation of brittle phase transformations or generation of residual stresses, due to the thermal cycle undergone by the material, and which could compromise the in service behaviour of the laser manufactured component, cannot actually be performed.

A high-speed snapshot multispectral imaging approach to process monitoring and control has a high potential for the discrimination of material properties and an accurate visualization of the real temperature.

MAShES closed-loop control approach based on snapshot multispectral imaging


The purpose of MAShES is to develop a system for RT-control and high speed monitoring that brings into play:

  • The accurate measurement of absolute temperature distribution,
  • The 3D seam profile and 2D melt pool geometry,
  • The surface texture dynamics, and process speed

in a unified and compact embedded solution. MAShES control will act simultaneously on multiple process variables, including laser power and modulation (e.g. pulse frequency, pulse duration), process speed, powder and gas flow, and spot size. MAShES will be designed under a modular approach, customizable for different laser processing applications. Scenarios of high added value and impact will be selected for demonstration (e.g. additive manufacturing of large parts, joining of dissimilar materials).

With this aim, the following technical goals are defined:

  • O1: Developing a compact and cost effective multispectral imaging device
  • O2: Multimodal operation of the system
  • O3: Fast measurement of temperature with absolute accuracy
  • O4: Implementation of the system in an embedded platform
  • O5: Implementation of a cognitive system to configure the RT control and to perform the quality process diagnosis
  • O6: Demonstrating embedded interoperability compliant with CPS operation in a cognitive factory
  • O7: Demonstration of a cognitive multimodal multi-process RT control system that ensures zero-failure laser-based manufacturing.

As a result, MAShES addresses the development of a novel intelligent and self-adaptive system for continuous and autonomous process control. The use of MAShES system will allow the harmonization of high performance and quality with cost effective productivity, enabling at process level, reconfigurable, adaptive, and evolving factories. End-users would be capable to deal with highly dynamic operations in a productive way.