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MAShES, success story in the impact workshop organised by the EC

  • Brussels,
  • General

MAShES has been featured as one of three success stories among ongoing factories of the future projects, and we are presenting today our results to attendees to the cPPPs impact workshop organised by the EC.

MAShES pitch at FoF community day

  • Brussels,
  • General

We are pitching project results at FoF community day organised by EFFRA.

Embedded multimodal spectral imaging system

  • General

New prototype of the multifunctional co-axial imaging system for process quality assurance is being manufactured. The system features embeddded image processing and embedded RT closed-loop control of laser processing. NIT Europe will be selling the system as a kit for developers in the very short term. Stay tuned!.

First prototype of the optical system for multi spectral coaxial imaging of laser processing

  • MAShES,
  • General

SILL Optics has brought the physical prototype of the optical system of MAShES to the last project meeting. SILL finalised the assembly of the first prototype of the optical system for coaxial multispectral imaging of laser processing. The prototype is now being tested in trials.

MAShES 24M meeting at PRIMA

  • Turin, Italy,
  • General

MAShES partners met at PRIMA to prepare the final year of the project. Final efforts on integration have been planned and demonstration activities in end users and integrators have been scheduled and defined in more detail. The first physical prototype of the optical system was present at the meeting.