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Deliverable D5.1. Demonstration of the MAShES system for laser welding applications

  • General

This deliverable describes the laboratory trials performed to characterize the performance of the MAShES system based on different tests. Monitoring system test: the validation of the monitoring system was conducted considering how many times it’s coherent with the real evaluation of the welding stitches.

Deliverable D5.2. LMD monitoring and control demonstration

  • General

The current document summarizes the experiments of the Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) integration and demonstration activities. The data created and archived during this period regarded the evaluation of MAShES optics unit in LMD applications and the operation of embedded real time (RT) control system for LMD. Two different embedded RT control systems were evaluated: a simplified version at EMO and PRIMA, and the complete embedded RT control system with multispectral capabilities at AIMEN with EMO participation.

Deliverable D5.3. MAShES dataset for benchmarking

  • General

The current document summarizes the outcome of Task 5.3 and is related to the tests performed for the evaluation of MAShES system and its sub-developments and provides a comprehensive evaluation of the different pilot cases organized and executed during the project’s period. An overall assessment of the performance of MAShES prototypes in operational environment is presented and the datasets prepared during the testing period are provided in the Appendix section. The assessment has been conducted based on specific Performance Indicators and is two-fold. In the first case, the benchmark concerns the results from lab experiments and data gathered in operation environment while the first approach regards the comparison of the demos performance with current status of Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Laser Welding (LW) monitoring and control approaches used and applied today in industry.

Deliverable D5.4. MAShES prototype

  • General

This deliverable describes the public system prototype demonstrated in operational environments: welding and LMD.

Deliverable 6.8. Communication material and record reports

  • General

This deliverable includes a record of all the communication material related to MAShES project