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MAShES aims to develop a breakthrough compact imaging system for RT closed-loop control of laser processing.

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Our Next Events

MAShES final meeting at Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF)

at Orbassano - Turin, Italy

MAShES partners met at Centre Ricerche Fiat (CRF) to finalize the project. The different tests with the intergrated MAShES real-time control system for laser welding and LMD were presented. A demonstration of the MAShES system for laser welding on the Jeep Renegade front door (right side) made in Melfi plant. was performed at CRF facilities.

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MAShES 30M meeting at EMO

at Celje, Eslovenia

MAShES partners met at EMO to planned the activities for the last six months of the project. Laboratory validation of the MAShES prototype is being carrying out, and the first results are presented. A demonstration of a simplified MAShES system for LMD to repair industrial moulds was performed at EMO facilities.

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MAShES, success story in the impact workshop organised by the EC

at Brussels

MAShES has been featured as one of three success stories among ongoing factories of the future projects, and we are presenting today our results to attendees to the cPPPs impact workshop organised by the EC.

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